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Message from the CEO Tom Wilbur

Newport Hospital & Health Services has always worked to develop sustainable regional care models to improve health care delivery to residents of the community.  One way we are trying to accomplish this today is by coordinating primary care and specialty consultation and treatment for acute/chronic diseases. 


Specifically, we are working to develop protocols for care transfer and return follow-up that is timely and appropriate.  Our desire is to develop evidenced based treatment guidelines that spell out, as clearly as possible, what aspects of care is to be provided in the rural setting and which services require referral for specialty care at tertiary facilities. 


Our clinical programs will be designed using comprehensive plans of care for defined medical conditions.  Our focus: improve the coordination of primary and specialty care by designing and evaluating care coordination models and defining the core services appropriate for local care that can be delivered safely, at a high level of quality, in an effective and timely manner.


How you can help us.  Be sure to ask your primary care provider about medical services that are currently available, locally.  Currently, we partner with physicians from Spokane and Coeur d’Alene who provide cardiology, podiatry, obstetrics/gynecology, pulmonology, and ENT specialty medical care to the patients of our community.


We feel that a key element in our process is to build upon the foundation that we have established with those specialty providers to develop our collaborative relationships.  Please let your local provider know of any additional services that you would like to see offered in the community or let them know of any providers you feel would make a great addition to our local sub-specialty service group.


Our goal remains to provide as much care as possible in our local setting.  If an out-of-area physician refers you for outpatient lab, radiology, physical therapy or rehabilitation, be sure to ask if those services are available, and can you schedule your appointment, in Newport.


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