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Tips while filling out the application form:   

"Clear Entire Form" will do just that. Be sure you do not click this button unless you wish to re-enter the entire form.

Use the "Tab" key to move from field to field

Erase data in a field by using the “Esc” key.

"Notes"  -
A yellow symbol indicates that a note is present. Hover over the symbol to read the note. You will notice several of these in the last portion of the form.

Tips on saving and sending the application form:

Option #1:  -  Save a copy to your computer 
This allows you to easily update your information or re-send your application form if there is an error. 

 - Click “File” - “Save As”  (using the main toolbar) or the "Save a Copy" icon (to the left of the "printer" icon)
 - Choose a location on your computer and a name for your file
 - Click “Save”

 - Open up your E-Mail program and create a new E-Mail, attaching your application file and any other files you 
    want to send. 

    Send E-Mail to: You should get a confirmation E-Mail that 
    states your information was received by Human Resources.

Option #2 - E-Mail your application and/or resume using PDF tools 
This method will not save the data you enter into the form. If the application does not go through, you will not be able to access the completed form to re-send (use option 1 if you want to save a copy).

 - Click the Envelope icon (located to the right of the printer icon)
 - The application file should automatically show in the “Select file” box. 
 - Click “Attach” 
 - Choose “Send Copy”. 
    Your E-Mail program will open up with the Application Form listed as an attachment. If you wish to attach additional files –    such as cover letter,  resume and/or  letters of reference- you may do so before sending. 

    Send your E-Mail to:  You should get a confirmation E-Mail that 
    states your information was received by Human Resources.

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