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NHHS Service Goal and Values

Service Goal

The District wishes to coach, mentor, educate, develop, and empower staff to succeed with the understanding that through this process we will help achieve our Mission to be the Best Place to: 

                                          Receive Care,      Work,      Practice,      Partner,      Buy Care

Our singular goal is to provide efficient, effective and uncompromised care that is consistently delivered with courtesy and respect to those individuals and families seeking our services. The District believes the genuine care, comfort, and service to our patients, residents, and guests is our highest mission.  By applying the basic principles of integrity, respect, honesty, trust and commitment we will nurture and maximize our employee’s talent to the benefit of the individual staff member, the District, and ultimately the community member who seeks our services.

Service Values

In order to accomplish our service goal it is imperative that all members of the District team embrace the following personal service values and principles of conduct:

  • I will present for duty on time, organized, and prepared to handle my responsibilities to the best of my ability.  I am proud of my professional appearance, language, and behavior.
  • I am obligated to place the care of patients and residents first - I will commit myself to doing the right things for the right reasons. 
  • I am empowered to continuously seek opportunities to innovate, improve, and perfect our care delivery, customer service, and business practices.
  • My communications with patients, residents, guests, family, and staff will always be courteous, helpful, and respectful.
  • I will protect the privacy and security of our patient, resident, employee and company’s confidential information and assets.
  • I am responsible for creating a clean, safe and accident free environment for all.
  • I will strive to develop a work environment built upon teamwork and lateral service that is designed to continuously meet the needs of patients, residents, and staff members.
  • I am involved in the planning of work that affects me.  I own and I am obligated to resolve problems that are identified in our care delivery or business processes.  
  • I will have the opportunity to learn and grow and I will continuously strive to review my role in achieving the District’s service goals.  

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