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Labor & Delivery


You will go directly to the Admitting department located at the main entrance. If you are having contractions, you will be escorted directly to the Labor/Delivery/Postpartum Unit.

You will be examined and monitored, and your physician will be notified of your arrival.


Individual care is one thing that makes The Birthing Unit so special. We provide your own personal nurse to give you and your baby specialized attention.

You labor, delivery, and recovery will take place in the same suite. Each comfortable suite has a private bathroom with jetted tub and shower. In addition to having specially designed birthing beds, the suite is decorated to create a relaxing home-like atmosphere. Furnishings include comfortable “father” chairs, rocking chairs, televisions and telephones.

While maintaining a quiet, comfortable and private atmosphere, the equipment needed for a safe

delivery is introduced into the suite just before delivery. Cabinets at the head and side of the bed are opened to reveal medical technology and supplies necessary for the mother’s care; additional medical equipment is available for the baby, if necessary.

After the delivery, the equipment is returned to its original position. During the immediate recovery period, the room is restored to its home-like setting for the enjoyment of the mother, baby and father or significant other.

During your labor and delivery, your family may wait in the spacious waiting area, which has television, telephone, vending machines and bathroom conveniently located. A full service cafeteria is located in the lower level of the hospital and is open from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm.

After your infant is delivered, the staff will ensure your privacy and provide you with the opportunity to begin bonding with your new baby, provided both you and the baby are medically stable. We encourage mothers who wish to breastfeed to begin immediately after delivery – it will benefit your baby and help you relax.


You will have a Registered Nurse trained in obstetrics and certified in neonatal resuscitation.

You are permitted to bring one Labor Coach and one support person into the LDR Suite. (Doulas are welcome). They can be with you throughout the labor and delivery.

Should a Cesarean section be necessary, your support person may remain with you.


Newport Hospital & Health Services provides anesthesia 24 hours a day to ensure your safe and comfortable delivery and to handle any problem that may arise unexpectedly.


Just after birth, your baby will receive a complete physical assessment. Routine care includes an injection of Vitamin K and placement of EES (an eye antibiotic). Soon after, your infant will receive its first bath and shampoo.


To ensure your baby’s safety, Identification (ID) bands will be placed on you, your baby and your significant other immediately following birth. These ID bands are not to be removed before discharge.

Your nurse will advise you to NEVER leave your baby alone or unsupervised in our room.


Remember, Washington State law requires that infants be placed in a rear-facing car seat in the backseat.


The nurses on the Acute Care are specially trained to care for both you and your baby. Feel free to ask them any questions about your recovery or the care and feeding of your baby.


Newport Hospital endorses Family Centered Care. For mothers who wish to breastfeed, this experience will begin in the LDR with support from specially trained nurses and will continue throughout your postpartum hospital stay. Our nurses will provide you with the guidance you need and answer any questions you may have. For mothers and babies with special needs, a Lactation Consultant is available. After discharge, community support is provided for those interested.


All infants born at Newport Hospital will be given a hearing screening exam with the parent’s consent. The hearing screening test is able to detect a range of hearing loss from mild to profound.


Newport’s culinary staff provides a complimentary gourmet meal for our new parents.


We provide personal items such as shampoo, lotion, etc. If you prefer you own brand, please bring them with you. You will need a baby blanket, receiving blanket and weather appropriate baby clothing. If you desire music or other forms of labor support, we encourage you to bring these items in. Pack your bag near your “due date”.


There are no restrictions on times of visitation. However, to allow you to adequately rest, we suggest that you limit your visitors to two at a time. Please ensure that visitors (adults and children) are in good health.


As a courtesy, Newport Hospital will bill your insurance company on your behalf. Therefore, it is very important that you call your insurance company, inform them that you are pregnant and verify your maternity and well-baby benefits.

If you have any questions regarding insurance, our healthcare insurance representatives will be happy to help you. Please call (509) 447-2447.


Newport Hospital & Health Services provides a service that allows family and friends near or far to see baby’s first pictures on baby’s own web page.

When a baby is born at Newport Hospital, with parent’s permission, a digital photograph is taken and placed on the hospital nursery web site. This site may be accessed by loved ones anywhere in the world to share in the joy of the new arrival.These photos can be accessed from our nursery links on the website or by clicking here.