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How does it work?

Mammography uses a low dose x-ray system to create diagnostic images. This is a rapid and accurate technique for diagnosing cancer and other potential abnormalities.

When should I start?

Mammographies are critical for early detection of breast cancer. Because of this the US Department of Health and Human Services, American Cancer Society, American Medical Association, and the American College of Radiology all agree that mammographies should be done every year beginning at age 40.

Who does it?

We have 3 highly skilled mammographers, all certified by The American Registry of Radiologic Technoligists in Mammography. All three are committed to their patients, for both comfort and acurate diagnosis.

Mammography Preparation

Please do NOT wear deodorant or powder to your examination. It may show on your films.

Any other questions?

If so, then please call us at (509) 447-9317.